HSE 2030 - What will occupational health and safety look like in 2030

In its latest white paper, the International SOS Foundation uncovers the most significant occupational health and safety changes the HSE community need to prepare for, and what their legacy impact will be by 2030. This view is what we're calling 'HSE 2030'.

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Business Resilience Trends Watch 2019

The Ipsos MORI Global Business Resilience Trends Watch 2019 survey reveals that the perception of risk remains high and while organisations are implementing prevention and mitigation measures, there is still room for improvement.

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Managing the health and safety of LGBT mobile workforce

For employers with international operations, there is no one-size-fits all answer when it comes to questions surrounding workplace law and LGBT employees.

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Psychological implications of business travel.png

Psychological Impacts of International Business Travel

New whitepaper on the psychological impacts of business travel, 'Keeping Business Travellers Happy, Healthy & Engaged, at Home and Away'.  The paper includes a ground breaking study of how business travel impacts travelling executives, carried out by an independent team of Occupational Psychologists at Kingston Business School (part of Kingston University, UK) and Affinity Health at Work, commissioned by International SOS Foundation.

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A new era of managing employee health & wellness

In recent years, workplaces around the world have experienced a quiet revolution in the area of occupational health & safety (OH&S). What was once exclusively focused on certain high-risk workers is now thoroughly in the mainstream of business globally.

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Business travel and emotional support study - Australasia

We recently surveyed nearly 100 of Australia & New Zealand's leading organisations regarding the emotional well-being of their travellers and how they support their mobile workforce.

Our study results show that business travel or life abroad can impact your mobile workforce's health and well-being. Does your organisation adequately protect and support its travellers?

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Travel risks & reality - The new normal for business

A comprehensive Ipsos MORI survey of over 1,000 business decision-makers, responsible for their organisation’s travel risk mitigation in 75 countries, representing in excess of 500,000 travellers globally. 

The research takes a deep dive into the new realities for organisations and how they are adapting to them.

Topics covered:

  • How have the new realities affected mobile workers?

  • How have organisations modified their behaviour?

  • How are organisations adapting to help their people reduce their exposure to risk?

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Share economy for business travel

“Share Economy for Business Travel” includes interviews with travel, legal and security experts about the implications of services like Uber and Airbnb as suitable options in an organisation’s travel policy. Both Airbnb and Uber have launched dedicated business travel solutions. 

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EISF - Duty of Care: A review of the Dennis v Norwegian Refugee Council ruling and its implications 2016

The purpose of this paper is to reflect on the court case and what lessons can be drawn from the Court’s ruling for the international aid sector.

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International SOS Foundation - Health, Security and Safety whitepaper 2016 

Responsibilities of New Zealand organisations to employees on business travel and overseas assignments.

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Prevent - Return on Prevention 2015

Benefit-cost analysis of prevention measures for business travellers and international assignees. Paper developed in collaboration with the International SOS Foundation.

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International SOS foundation global framework 

A strategic framework to help organisations identify threats and hazards, and manage the safety, health and security risks of travelling staff.

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Safety without borders  

Guide published by IOSH covering the health, safety and welfare issues staff may face when posted or on business trips abroad. 

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