International SOS and Control Risks unveil state-of-the-art features for TravelTracker 6 - the world’s most advanced travel risk management solution

Enhanced features help organizations proactively manage risk and take ‘Duty of Care’ to the next level

AUG. 5, 2013 – San Diego, Ca. -International SOS and Control Risks have today unveiled the world's most advanced online travel security tool, helping employers keep their people out of danger when traveling overseas.

A fully redesigned TravelTracker 6 enables clients to quickly identify the location of their employees and communicate with them in their time of need, wherever they are in the world. Its advanced features are a gateway to the services of International SOS and Control Risks – working together to offer the world's most comprehensive medical and travel security solutions.

The upgrade includes enhanced and interactive visualisation, with improved search and navigation features. The system has been tested by around 100 clients over the past year and is integrated with the International SOS Assistance App for mobile devices. A "check-in" button will be offered which will allow travellers to notify their office that they have arrived safely.

Other key features:

  • New and detailed traveler "profiles" overlayed graphically on a map provide more certainty and peace of mind in knowing who is where and if they need assistance.

  • Interactive maps display the location of a medical or travel security event, helping businesses quickly track where travelers and employees are at all times.

  • Fast and in-depth searches using personal, geographical, and trip data.

  • Instant notifications between employers and those on the ground - 24/7 - allowing companies and employees to benefit from more informed decisions.

Rich Gallagher, Chief Digital Officer at International SOS said: "As global business opportunities evolve and shift to different parts of the world, risks also increase for employees and expatriates living, working, and travelling abroad.

"A decade ago, we brought the first travel tracking tool to market and have continued to refine the technology based on our innovations as well as customer feedback. With organizations sending people to more risky destinations, the need for clients to know their employees' locations and itineraries is more important than ever.

"The right information is essential to making sound decisions, especially situations that need to be addressed quickly or in the event of a crisis. Every year, we provide our clients with the ability to track their 2.4 million unique international travelers. TravelTracker 6 gives travelers, expatriates and managers all the support they need to conduct business safely and securely in any part of the world."

To learn more about International SOS, as well as TravelTracker 6, stop by booth #2413 during GBTA.

Traveltracker was pioneered by International SOS in the wake of the attacks of September 11, 2001. It was the first online tool to allow clients to identify the location of their employees quickly and reliably, while sending health and safety travel alerts based on their location.

TravelTracker 6 is designed to handle stressful events such as illness, accidents, political unrest, natural disasters and more. It provides clients with the ability to quickly pinpoint employees globally and contact them for status updates or to determine if immediate assistance is required - via email or SMS.

Forth-six Percent of global organizations use a travel tracking system to protect employees, according to the 2011 Duty of Care and Travel Risk Management Global Benchmarking Study, which surveyed 628 global organizations.